Suggested Banjos for Beginners

There’s a big gap between learning how to play the banjo and buying your own instrument.


Choosing the best banjo for your experience level can be difficult.

Musical instruments are costly. And, it’s important to buy an instrument with features you can easily use based on your experience level. For instance, you can have trouble learning how to play the banjo designed for expert players if you’re a beginner.

Therefore, choose banjos with features designed specifically for beginner players. Whether you have some idea how banjos are played or you’ve never even used one before, you need a banjo for beginners.

Just like any other type of instrument, various factors determine the right banjo for you. Whereas some are built with advanced players in mind, others are most suitable for specific music genres.

When shopping for a banjo, consider the following factors:

  • Price – material quality, brand, and features such as string numbers, resonators, etc. influence the price of banjos. Don’t invest in an instrument you’ll barely use as intended. Banjos for beginners are reasonably-priced.


  • String number – Strings play specific music genres, but the number of strings determines the number of notes a banjo can play. 5-string banjos are popular among beginner players. However, 6-string banjos are usually played along with guitar songs.


  • Ease of play – most banjos are designed with advanced players in mind, not beginners. This means that they usually come with thicker necks beginners find it hard to get used to.


Beginners need to improve their muscle memory while playing, hence need D-shaped, slimmer necks for easier handling. It becomes easier to learn how to play advanced banjos from there.

Top 3 Banjos Recommended for Beginner Players

Here’re a few banjos that are recommended for beginners:

  • The ADM 5-String Banjo

ADM focuses on manufacturing instruments for beginners and musical students. It uses premium materials to manufacture instruments, including the 5-string banjo.

The responsive and attractive nature of the strings ensures that they don’t withstand excess pressure to push down. This makes the strings easier to produce the exact sounds you want.

The 5-string banjo has 24 brackets, a geared 5th tuner, a closed wood back, a trap, a bag, picks, and additional string sets.

Despite being the most expensive on our list, this banjo is feature-packed. This explains why it’s more costly than other banjos on our list.

The cost-effective banjo, unlike those for advanced players, features a geared 5th tuner for easier tuning. However, the instrument doesn’t come with a tutorial or guide for beginners. Even so, similar tutorials are everywhere on the internet.

What’s more, male adult players may not find much use out the varied small selections. This gives you all the reasons to complain.

  • The Vango 5-String Banjo

The 5-string banjo is made from solid mahogany. It features a strap, a tuner, a set of strings, picks, and an additional pick up. It costs the same as the ADM, but with an additional pick-up for more value.

What’s the comparison in terms of tone or quality?

Mahogany is a good choice of material for creating a more durable instrument. It doesn’t warp over long time periods of use. The surface is glossy, nice, and feels comfortable to play and hold.

A removable resonator can turn it into an open-back banjo at will; it’s ideal for the bluegrass style. There’s a lack of a beginner’s player guide to easily circumvent with the aid of the internet.

  • The Jameson Guitar 5-String Banjo

The Jameson Guitars 5-String Banjo is slightly expensive and has 5 strings. It has a closed, mahogany back and a slender maple bridge built with 24 brackets to produce a geared 5th tuner.

Despite the added cost of a gig bag, the instrument lacks most extras that come with both the Vangoa and ADM banjos. This means that you’d spend more on making your own complete kit.

The Jameson for beginners comes ready for use out of the doesn’t require strings fixation or bridge installation. Tune them here and there to use the instrument.

You can easily remove the resonator as is the case of the Vangoa, explaining its versatility. The instrument’s tuning stability is impressive. Most banjos for beginners often get out of tune, the higher you get on the fretboard. This isn’t true about the Jameson.

The heavier nature of the banjo makes it ideal for beginner adults.

Other popular banjos for beginners include:

  • Pyle 5-String Geared Tunable Banjo
  • Kmise Banjo – Concert Size (a banjo ukulele).it’s lightweight for comfortable playing. Frequent retuning can hamper the banjo but doesn’t affect its workmanship and quality. What makes this instrument ideal for beginners is its weight, size, and sound quality.


The Kmise Concert Size banjo is of high-quality sound quality and economical choices. The Concert size makes it possible to access the instrument. Make sure that your banjo is durable, produced sound quality and the instrument’s general package is a good deal.

The Pyle 5th-String is the most valuable banjo. A great banjo for beginners includes good sound, a few accessories, lightweight, stable tuning, and thinned-necked shape. You can also replace the tuning peg.


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