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Sleepy Man Banjo Boys website is for the fans and supporters of the band, or if your avid listener and likes to hear and play relaxing and meditative music in your background this website will help you. We understand the essence of music and its role in improving your quality of life. So you can enjoy life better by choosing the right relaxing sound.

Music has a significant effect on your body and emotions. Whereas upbeat music makes you feel positive and optimistic about life, faster music can make you concentrate better and feel more focused and alert.

On the other hand, a slower music tempo relaxes your body muscles and quiets your mind to relieve stress after a long day. It makes you feel soothed to better relax. Music is perfect for stress management and relaxation of both your mind and body.

According to a research study, music gives exceptional personal experiences. About 60 beats per minute music, according to the study, triggers your brain to synchronize with it, activating alpha brainwaves (8 – 14 cycles per second or hertz).

The alpha brainwave is responsible for making you feel conscious and relaxed. You need to dedicate at least 45 minutes to listen to calming music in a relaxed position to trigger delta brainwaves (5 hertz) for sleep.

The study indicates that listening to music alters your brain functioning just as medication does. What’s more, music is accessible to everyone, making it an easy tool for reducing stress.

We play Celtic, Native American, drums, Indian stringed-instruments, and flutes because they’re the most effective at relaxing your mind. We play music and instruments moderately loud for the most effective results.

You can also mix classical, light jazz, and easy music listening with the sounds of thunder, rain, or other natural sounds for optimal relaxing effects. We play your favorite music to help you relax because what you don’t like won’t be of much help.

Explore our music to find out what you like the most to help you relax. Otherwise, listening to music that you don’t like is likely to make you tensed.

However, quieting your mind doesn’t automatically translate to feeling sleepy. Your body and mind relax to calm yourself, helping you function better at multiple activities.

The right music can make you feel peaceful and calm in the mind. It triggers the release of serotonin hormones responsible for stress and physical pain relief. Due to the great impact music has on your brain, relaxing music is bound to make you feel better.

For example, a theory explains that 528 Hz frequency music can do so much to your body. Although the theory is yet to be proven, the Solfeggio frequency is touted to have healing properties. It was first used in Gregorian chants due to its ability to alter your body and mind.

Mindlab (a specialization in neuroscience studies) scientists found that relaxing music can relieve stress. According to the neuroscience specialization, the British Marconi Union band’s “Weightless” song has the most calming effect on your respiration, heart rate, and brain activity.

At Sleepy Man Banjo Boys, we understand that meditation is never easy, especially if your life is ever-busy. Meditation sometimes never works when you need to get some relaxation.


With the right relaxing music, a quiet space, a pair of headphones, and comfortable clothes, you can relax your mind and body.

You can listen to our music while eating, driving, reading, studying, meditating, entertaining guests, or simply when relaxing. Despite the effect of music on your life, it’s commonly taken for granted.

Similarly, ocean waves, chanting, and Himalayan singing bowls’ vibrational tones have great healing effects on your emotions and moods. We endeavor to create music with similar effects to help you relax.

The frontal lobes of your brain are the most affected when listening to music. It’s the brain area with higher intelligent thoughts and where the generation of emotions occurs. Some music can help you cram for an exam or even fall asleep.

During meditation, your prefrontal cortex activity heightens, the positive effects continuing long after you’ve ceased meditating. The right music depends on what you want attain. For instance, you need calm, gentle music or nature sounds (such as waterfall sounds) to unwind, relax and release tension.

Intensely listen to music with binaural beats with the power to synchronize your brainwaves to change the state of your mind and engage in deep meditation. With the use of headphones, binaural beats do wonders.

When different sound frequencies are delivered to your ears, the beats you experience are produced to combine with brainwaves in the brain to develop one beat or tone. We create binaural beat music to help our listeners attain particular needs, including increased intelligence and faster learning.

Ultimately, you benefit from serenity and calmness, developing the ability to eradicate anxiety and stress. Also known as alpha wave music, binaural beat music can help you reach an alpha consciousness state to feel deeply relaxed.

Subtly integrated into music, beats aren’t obvious but have powerful effects that change brainwaves. We also combine natural sounds such as birdsong with binaural beat music to help our listeners who need to meditate.

The deep rumbling thunder sound integrated with heavy rainfall sound or the dawn chorus sound can help you relax and meditate. Your experiences in life can influence your choice of music for relaxation. For instance, you can associate the laughter of children with a relaxation state.

Mantra meditation is a relaxation technique and a healing practice. It allows you to focus on a single mantra to relieve stress. You repeat the mantra until your inner noise disappears or quietens to achieve calm and relaxation.

We also produce classical music similar to Mozart’s work to help our listeners with the need to pass tests and learn more efficiently. The music affects both the right and left sides of your brain to improve creativity and clarity

Sound therapy is a relaxation aid, something you get through our music. This involves listening to simple music or sounds such as drums, human voice, gongs, bells, bowls, and forks. This is associated with the role of chanting, healing prayers, meditation, and instruments in creating emotional balance and calm.

According to sound therapy, humans have individual frequencies you can easily change through sound vibrations to re-tune your state of health. With our band music, you can alter your brainwaves or relax in various ways.

We can help you learn faster, meditate more effectively, and even sleep better. This means that our music can help you eat more attentively, sleep better at night, reduce pain, improve concentration, and enhance your brain functioning.

We’re your go-to band for therapeutic music!


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