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Sleepy Man Banjo Boys website is for the fans and supporters of the band, or if your avid listener and likes to hear and play relaxing and meditative music in your background this website will help you. We understand the essence of music and its role in improving your quality of life. So you can enjoy life better by choosing the right relaxing sound.

Music has a significant effect on your body and emotions. Whereas upbeat music makes you feel positive and optimistic about life, faster music can make you concentrate better and feel more focused and alert.

On the other hand, a slower music tempo relaxes your body muscles and quiets your mind to relieve stress after a long day. It makes you feel soothed to better relax. Music is perfect for stress management and relaxation of both your mind and body.

According to a research study, music gives exceptional personal experiences. About 60 beats per minute music, according to the study, triggers your brain to synchronize with it, activating alpha brainwaves (8 – 14 cycles per second or hertz).

The alpha brainwave is responsible for making you feel conscious and relaxed. You need to dedicate at least 45 minutes to listen to calming music in a relaxed position to trigger delta brainwaves (5 hertz) for sleep.

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